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Road Accident Fund Claims

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At PBK Attorneys, we pride ourselves in providing clients with comprehensive legal advice. Our Managing Director and resident expert in RAF claims , Pierre Kitching, has a 100% success rate in respect of RAF claims (previously known as motor vehicle accident claims). With a wealth of experience in RAF claims PBK Attorneys have built a reputation of superiority and excellence within this field of law.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in appointing the top medical-legal, forensic, occupational and actuarial experts resulting in high settlements for our clients.

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Compulsory CoverWhat is the Road Accident Fund(RAF)?

The Road Accident Fund is a Social Government Body enacted as such by the Legislator to provide compulsory cover to South African citizens and foreigners who have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident due to the negligent driving of a third person. The Road Accident Fund is funded through a RAF levy which represents a percentage of diesel and petrol purchases made in South Africa. This is then used as financial cover for those who have sustained serious bodily harm in motor vehicle accidents in South Africa due to the negligent driving of a third person.

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When can I claim from the Road Accident Fund (RAF)?

You will be able to claim from the RAF if you sustain a serious bodily injury as a result of the negligent driving of another person. This, as an example, refers to those driving light motor vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, passenger vehicles, as well as pedestrians and passengers who are South Africa citizens or Foreign Nationals. This, as an example, refers to those...
Seriously injured
as a passenger
Driver not
at fault
Loss of the
Loss of an
unborn child
If you match the above criteria, you should consult one of our attorneys as you could likely qualify for compensation.
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CoverageWhat does the Road Accident Fund cover?

If you are a South African citizen or Foreign National and have been seriously injured in a road accident you will be able to claim for the following:

Past Medical Expenses: These are medical expenses incurred by you or your medical aid for the emergency, non-emergency and rehabilitation costs incurred from date of accident to date of finalization of your claim.

Future Medical Expenses: These are medical expenses still to be incurred for the remainder of your natural life such as future hospitalisation for a hip- or knee replacement, medical and domestic carers, house and vehicle adaptations, and all associated devices or medical supplies required, including pharmaceutical.

General Damages: General damages can shortly be defined as a globular monetary award for your pain and suffering and loss of amenities of life.

Past and Future Loss of Earnings: Any past loss of earnings and future loss of earnings and/or earning capacity as a result of being unemployable or not as competitive in the open labour market due to the injuries suffered.

Loss of support and funeral expenses: Loss of financial support can for instance be claimed if the family breadwinner is killed in a motor vehicle accident.
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Good to knowWhat does the Road Accident Fund not cover?

You cannot claim for material damages. These include damages to your car, cell phone, glasses, clothes and other similar material damages. For these damages, a claim has to be placed directly through the driver or the driver’s insurance provider.