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Fees Structure

All you need to know regarding legal fees

We understand legal feesLet's work out a payment structure together

We fully understand and appreciate that legal fees are a major concern to all people. Like all attorneys, we charge on a time basis, save for in some litigation matters, such as some Road Accident Fund claims or Medical Negligence matters where clients can elect, if they wish, that we handle the matters on a contingency basis in terms of the Contingency Fees Act.

If the client elects to proceed on a contingency fee basis, it simply means that the matter will be handled on a NO-SUCCESS-NO-FEE basis. The risk will therefore be on us.

However, matters such as divorce will be charged at our normal hourly rate, as these matters cannot be dealt with on a no-success-no-fee basis.

Feel free to ask from the outset what your matter could potentially cost and what the advantages are of a contingency fee agreement.